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Please see the attached advertisement on the Online/Android Financial Education Awards Ceremony which appeared in the Jamaica Observer.

The objectives of the online android financial education competition were achieved and the students are:

  • More knowledgeable about the financial system and how it works;
  • Have a better understanding of the regulations and protections within the financial system; and
  • Understand the...

Did You Know?

With the establishment of the JDIC and the passing of the Deposit Insurance Act 1998, all depositors of a bank or other insured deposit-taking financial institution that fails will get back up to a maximum of $600,000.

In the past when a bank failed there was no guarantee as to how much the depositors of the failed institution would be refunded.

In light of the number of bank failures of the mid-nineties, the Government recognized the need for a formal system of deposit insurance.

The Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation (JDIC) is an independent statutory organization set up by the Government to protect depositors.