These accounts represent funds that are owned by an individual and deposited in one or more deposit accounts in a financial institution in his/her name only. These account balances, where held in the same Policyholder/insured member institution, are added together and insured up to the maximum deposit insurance coverage limit of $1,200,000.


Adrian Simpson has a savings account (Account A) with a balance of $500,000 and a certificate of deposit (CD) with a balance $900,000 (Account B) at the same Policyholder. Both accounts are in his name only. For the payment of deposit insurance both accounts will be added together and insured up to the maximum coverage limit. 

The following would apply in the event of a payout:

Deposit Insurance Computation
DepositorAccountAccount Balance
Adrian Simpson – Savings AccountA$500,000
Adrian Simpson – Certificate of Deposit (CD)B$900,000
Total Deposit BalanceA&B$1,400,000
Insured Deposit Balance$1,200,000
Uninsured Deposit Balance$200,000