• The Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation (JDIC, the Corporation) will reach 20 years in operation in FY2018/19. During the four year planning period FY2018/19 – FY2021/22, the Corporation’s existing mandate for the protection of depositors
    under the Deposit Insurance Scheme, and for carrying out restructurings of nonviable member institutions as receiver and liquidator will be enhanced...

  • This Consultation Paper outlines proposals to enhance the current legal framework for the resolution of regulated non-viable financial institutions (FIs) in Jamaica. The institutions proposed to be within the scope of this framework include: financial holding companies (FHCs), commercial banks, merchant banks and building societies regulated by Bank of Jamaica as well as securities dealers...

  • International Association of Deposit Insurers


    Policymakers have choices regarding how they can protect depositors and contribute to financial system stability. Explicit, limited-coverage deposit insurance ( a deposit insurance...

  • The financial crisis struck in late 2007. It began when the real estate bubble burst which resulted in the foreclosure of hundreds of thousands of homes. Unfortunately, this had a ripple effect that resulted in millions of Americans defaulting on their mortgages which in turn meant that thousands of banks became insoluble and bankrupt.


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Promoting Financial Inclusion Through Public Education and Awareness

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