Vision, Mission and Core Values


To promote and inspire financial system confidence and stability.


The Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation is committed to:

  • Providing insurance against the loss of depositors' funds
  • Minimising the Corporation’s exposure to loss
  • Contributing to the stability and confidence in Jamaica's financial system

through sound management of the Deposit Insurance Fund in an environment which fosters and encourages professionalism and excellence and allows employees to realise their full potential.

Core Values

  • Accountability
We accept our responsibilities in relation to the Corporation's objects, its strategies and initiatives and carry them out in a transparent manner.
  • Communication
We are committed to sharing information with all our stakeholders clearly and in a timely manner and encouraging feedback.
  • Excellence
We continuously measure and monitor productivity to improve our operations.
  • Professionalism
We purse the highest level of competence and integrity in the performance of our duties.
  • Teamwork
We preserve an environment of collaborative efforts, mutual support and respect, where our best solutions come from embracing each employee’s unique talents.