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Presentation at a two-day conference, hosted by the Development Bank of Jamaica and the Bank of Jamaica under the theme ‘A Call to Action: Driving Financial Inclusion with Digital Payments’. The conference focused on the benefits of Jamaicans participating in the digital economy and supports the Government’s thrust towards making Jamaica a digital economy.

IADI Secretary General Mr David Walker; Executive Secretary of the Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB), Mexico, Mr Raúl Castro, our kind host; President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and Chairperson of the Regional Committee of North America, Mrs Michèle Bourque; Chief Executive Officer of SEDESA and Chairperson of the Latin America Regional Committee of IADI, Mr Alejandro Lopez; m

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (MOFPS) has established the annual Public Sector Corporate Governance Awards. These awards are applicable to those Public Bodies which are governed by the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act (PBMA) and the Corporate Governance Framework for Public Bodies in Jamaica.

By Antoinette McKain, Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation